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Poetry & Writer's Festival

1st Prize -


2nd Prize -


3rd Prize - Rs.15,000/-

Best 20 writers will receive the trophy.
Best 250 Writer's will be featured in 

Reading Glasses on Book

The last Date Of Registration is 

26th May 2024

The last Date To Submit Your writing is 31st May 2024.

Digital nomad

Fill and submit this form before 26th May 2024 to register for the competition

After registration within 48 hours, you will receive the submission link on your registered email ID/WhatsApp number. (Participants will have to check their spam mail as well if in case the submission link is not received within 48 hours)

The top 250 participants then they will have to pay the registration fee of Rs.499/- for the second round.

(After this no registration fee will be collected)

How This Competition Will Help You?

Brand deals

If you have a good engaging social media profile, we will help you get the brand deals.


We feature the best 250 writers in our magazine, and the magazine is shared with 50+ major publishers and literature institutes.

Poetry & Story Telling show

We organize poetry shows in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad.


Our competition is the best platform for networking amount writers to exchange ideas and learn new skills.

Competition Category & Theme

You can choose any theme.

Competition Rules

We believe there is no limitation to creativity, there are no rules in the competition except for two rules, that is you will have to submit your original work, and your work should not have been published in any magazine or published by any publisher.

You will receive the next update about the competition after the last date of submission on your registered mail ID.

If a participant is selected under the top 250 participants then they will have to pay the registration fee of Rs.499/-

Selection Process

1. Out of all the participants, Judges will select the best 250 writers.

2. Post the announcement of the top 250 writers, and the voting round will begin.

3. Everyone will be able to see the online voting on our website once the voting begins.

4. 60% of the audience voting, 30% of the judges voting, and 10% of the Organizer's voting will be considered for finalizing the winners.

5. The writer receiving the maximum votes will win the competition.

For any query write an email to

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