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100% Transparency 

Unlinked other companies we believe in 100% transparency.

1. Participants will be able to see the work of other participants.

2. Along with the results we will announce the name and details of the Judges.

3. Details and videos of the winners will be shared on social media/website.

4. In case of Arts & Painting competition, winners will have to send their original artwork to us to review it.

5. To respond to your queries it can take up to 4 working days so if you have any submission issues or any query ask 4 days before the deadline.

6. Along with the results of every competition you will be able to see the count of Judges votes, Audience Votes and Organizers votes of all the participants.

7. Registration fee is paid is only for competition and soft copy of the certificate, for hard copy of the certificate and magazine you will have to pay separately (You will be notified about this at the end of the competition)

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