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Open Mic Show In Bangalore

1st Prize -


2nd Prize -

Rs. 10,000/-

All Participants Will Recieve Their Recordings And Photos.

Rapper on Stage

Last Date Of Registration is 1st July 2023 

Event Date: 5th & 6th August 2023

Venue details will be shared with registered participants.

Rap Music Performance
In the Spotlight

No Age Limit


How This Competition Will Help You?

Brand deals

If you have a good engaging social media profile or if your singing skills meets industry/brands requirements  we will help you get the brand deals.


Perfroming infront of other performers and audiance will help you gain exposure.


We will share the recording of your performance and photos, which will help create portfolio.


Meet like minded people and grow your network.

About Event

  1. Only registered participants will be allowed to perform in the event.

  2. There is no age limit.

  3. Performance Duration: Minimum 2 minutes and Maximum 10 minutes. 

  4. There are no language restrictions. (Kannada, English & Hindi is a preferable languages)

  5. Venue details will be shared with registered participants.

  6. Before the live performance participants will have to send their performance video (The link to send the video will be shared with registered participants).

  7. If the minor is performing an adult has to accompany the minor.

  8. Recordings and photos of the performance will be shared with the participants.

  9. Performers will have to bring the instruments if needed for the performance. 

Allowed Categories

  1. Stand Up Comedy

  2. Poetry Recitation 

  3. Story Telling 

  4. Solo Singing

  5. Rap

  6. Instrument Playing

  7. Beat Boxing

  8. Shayari

  9. Dance

  10. Magic Show

  11. Mimicry 

Selection Of Winner

  1. The audience at the venue/off the venue will vote for the performers. (Voting will happen instantly)

  2. Voting will take place on Instagram and Twitter.

  3. The results of the event will be announced on the final day of the event.

  4. If more score of the winners ties the prize money will be split among them. 

For any query write an email to Or Whatsapp At +91 7559117325

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