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Mast Culture Rap Battle

1st Prize -


2nd Prize -

Rs. 10,000/-

Best 250 Rappers will be be selected for the rap battle.

Rapper on Stage

Last Date Of Submission is 25th January 2023. 

Selected participants will be announced on 31st January 2023.

Rap Music Performance
Rapper Performing

No Age Limit

How This Competition Will Help You?

Brand deals

If you have a good engaging social media profile or if your rap skills meets industry/brands requirements  we will help you get the brand deals.


We feature the best 250 rappers in our magazine, and the magazine is shared with 50+ major music studios.

Rappers Portfolio

We will create rappers portfolio on our website for the Brand Events/ Brand Deals and Rappers Events.


Our competition is the best platform for networking amount rappers to exchange ideas and learn new skills.

Rap Battle Rounds

1st Round: Top 250 Rappers will be selected out of all the participants in the Rap Battle.

2nd Round: One-on-One Online Rap Battle and 125 rappers will be selected for the next round.

3rd Round: Rap As Per Theme Challange (In this round 60 rappers will be selected)

4th Round: One-on-One Online rap battle. (Best 30 will be selected in this round)

5th Round: One-on-One Online rap battle. (Best 15 rappers will be selected in this round)

6th Round: Individual Rap (This will be the final round and 2 winners will be selected.)

Battle Rules And Guidelines

  1. The auditions video should be of at least 1 Minute.

  2. This is an open category.

  3. No age limit is required.

  4. While submitting the auditions rap, use copyright-free music in the rap.

  5. The language and dialect to be used in the battle are either Hindi or English.

  6. The rap lyrics (punch line) should focus more on humor whether you mock or ridicule your opponent.

  7. The organizer/promoter will appoint the timekeeper. He/She will be provided with a stopwatch and will be responsible for indicating the end of each round. The clock starts from the beginning of the first line spoken by the competitor.

  8. Each rapper must rhyme over the same beat as their opponent.

  9. By participating in this event you permit the recording of your contributions and assign to the organizers the complete copyright and all other rights in your contributions for use in all media. (Rapper will retain rights to their original work)

  10. Competitors who are abusive, or deemed otherwise unsuitable by the organizers will be disqualified from the competition.

For any query write an email to Or Whatsapp On +91 7559117325

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