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Mast Culture Singing Competition (Season 1)

1st Prize -


2nd Prize -

Rs. 35,000/-

Best 250 singers will compete and show their talent.

Rapper on Stage

Last Date Of Registration is 1th March 2023 

Last date of submission is 31st March 2023

Rap Music Performance
Rapper Performing

4 Year To 20-Year-Old


In the Spotlight

21 & Over


How This Competition Will Help You?

Brand deals

If you have a good engaging social media profile or if your singing skills meets industry/brands requirements  we will help you get the brand deals.


We feature the best 250 singers in our magazine, and the magazine is shared with 50+ major music studios.


We will create singers portfolio on our website for the Brand Events/ Brand Deals and Singing Events.


Our competition is the best platform for networking among singers to exchange ideas and learn new skills.

Singing Competition Rounds

1st Round: Top 250 Singers will be selected out of all the participants in the competition.

2nd Round: Best 200 will be selected.

3rd Round: Best 150 will be selected.

4th Round: Best 100 will be selected.

5th Round: Best 50 will be selected.

6th Round: Best 25 will be selected.

7th Round: Winners will be announced.

Rules And Guidelines

  1. It is an online solo singing competition.

  2. Eligibility: The singing competition is open to all individuals aged 4 years and above. Contestants must be able to provide proof of age and residency.

  3. Audition process: Contestants must submit a recorded audition of themselves singing a song of their choice. The audition should be no longer than 3 minutes (Minimum 1 minute). The audition will be judged by a panel of judges who will select the top contestants to advance to the next round.

  4. Contestant selection: The top contestants will be selected based on their vocal ability, stage presence, and overall performance. Only a limited number of contestants will be selected to participate in the competition.

  5. Competition format: The competition will consist of seven rounds: Each round will be judged by a panel of judges who will select the top contestants to advance to the next round.

  6. Song selection: Contestants must select a song that is appropriate for the competition. The song can be in any language, and it must be a prerecorded video. 

  7. Judging criteria: The judges will be evaluating contestants based on their vocal ability, and overall performance. They will also take into consideration the contestant's song selection and originality.

  8. Prizes: The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize and a trophy. The second-place contestant will also receive cash prizes.

  9. Disqualification: Contestants who violate any of the rules or engage in any type of cheating or misconduct will be disqualified from the competition.

  10. Rule changes: The organizers reserve the right to change or amend the rules at any time. Any changes will be communicated to the contestants as soon as possible.

  11. Social Media: There is no audience voting, but presence on Instagram is mandatory. (Our team will share posts with you to share, and details will be shared with the participants)

For any query write an email to Or Whatsapp At +91 7559117325

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